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Start and stop activities

Postby knam » Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:49 pm

With an activity, you can track your time in different ways:
  • Inside an application
    • from activities list
    • from activity view
  • on Home screen using Widget

Let's start the application and track time.
From the main view, category-filtered activities are displayed.
Selecting an activity item (or tap on an activity item) will toggle start / stop.
All active activities are displayed on the top of the list.
As an activity item becomes active, it displays current duration in forms of hour:min:seconds
Tap on an active item to stop tracking time.

As you stop, there are two possible outcomes. Let your destiny unfold :D
opens a timestamp record
Containing start and end time, it prompts you to enter data in memo.
From this view, you can change start/end date/time and update memo related to this event. For example, I start Internet activity and learn about phpBB code and when done, enter memo with mastered phpBB code!
Annoyed by the timestamp view? Don't worry, it can be tamed to your need.
There are options on this view
  • Save - Saves any changes you've made to the record
  • Cancel - Discard any changes you've made to the record. Record is not deleted - as cancel just discard changes you've made after view is displayed. e.g. You've changed the start date and you want to change it back to the one before and you forgot the exact date. You'd simply cancel and modify again (there are places you can modify the entries)
  • Delete(coming soon) - Deletes the timestamp as tracked data is no longer needed.

cancels activity
What!? Well, if you stop before the time defined in the application settings (Don't panic, I will cover this as well). If an activity is stopped before 15 seconds is elapsed (by default it's 15 seconds - I had to come up with the number and I rolled a huge dice and then 15!), it will silently cancel without leaving a trace that you ever tracked this time.

The above behaviors will be the same for any places that allows you to start and stop activities.

Let's move on to activity view to track time.
From the main view that shows activity items. Tap and hold until the view changes.
Tap on activity name to start tracking or stop tracking if it's already tracked.
Simple, huh?

You can tap on the android back button to go back to the main view.

Now, it's time for fun stuff!
Opening the application and selecting an activity requires at least two taps. One for app and the other for start. If you have many items in the list, you might need to scroll (or yet you will need to select categories to filter...)

The application provide Widget feature that you can add on to your home screen for Activities you often track with a single tap! How exciting!

To do this, it requires a few taps to setup (your initial investment of tapping will pay off eventually or let's hope...)
Note that steps here may be different from vendor devices, I will go with the nexus/vanilla android feature or ADW launcher
  1. Open application listing
  2. Select Widget tab
  3. Scroll to TimeKeeper
  4. Hold and drag to home screen where you'd like to place it on
  5. It shows activity items similar to main view of the application. Use category tab to filter activities if necessary.
  6. Select an activity
  7. Tada~(hmm.. this sounds like Windows... actually you will hear no sound from device.) You have a button on the home screen!
  8. If you have set a widget image for the activity, it will show up. This feature is available on Android 3.1 or above with the application version 1.3.2
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