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Ping Back - Dec 2014

PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 12:45 am
by knam
When an activity starts, it needs to ping back after specified period.
For example, a user may want to be notified when a period has reached for the purpose of limiting or satisfying time spent on an activity.
This would help track activities better when some are forgetful to turn off.
Turning off automatically would bring up other issues. This would be more like a new feature to "max" time spent to keep for an activity. (Different feature)

Example use case
A User wants to set limit on playing a game, ping back time could be set to 1 hour and when the activity has passed 1 hour, it would bring up a notice (in typical android notice menu).

  • This can't be used as tracking goal / limits on time per day as it only deals with an instance of an activity. Tracking goal / limit would be different.