Voice dialing with bluetooth

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Voice dialing with bluetooth

Postby knam » Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:22 pm


Recently, I ran into problem with voice dialing with a bluetooth device.
When I click a button on the bluetooth device, the phone flashes Voice Dialer screen and I have to speak to the phone to make a call. (e.g. Call Home).

Possible solution
I went to the Settings > Language & input (under Personal speech) > Voice Search (under Speech heading)
I checked Bluetooth headset option.

Then the problem was fixed, I could use bluetooth for voice dialer. I can duplicate the problem by turning the option off.
I am still not sure what caused it to turn off, but I guess recoding audio and using google search with bluetooth somewhat makes sense.
Perhaps there was an update about google search.
One downside is that every time I hit google search using bluetooth, I get "call terminate" when searching google with bluetooth - it may take some time to get use to it.
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